Wakatobi Success

Planet Snorkeling, part of the Snorkeling Report group, ran a successful trip to the Wakatobi Resort in Indonesia.

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Wakatobi 2022

Join the Snorkeling Report team for a trip to Wakatobi

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Resort Snorkeller is pleased to have partnered with Snorkeling report in the selection of the top ten snorkelling resorts in the world

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Visit to the Pacific

Sea of Cortez, unusual species with plenty of differences from (my experience of) typical tropical environments.  

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Wakatobi finished!

Finally finished the Wakatobi info after 8 months!  Over 340 species recorded, with more than  150 fish species.  The most diverse site we have visited, although these photos represent only a fraction of the total specie…

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Catching up


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Sainte Anne, Seychelles

30.11.17, Sainte Anne Resort update

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St. Lucia

Completed images

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New changes

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What's that thing?

This beautifully coloured growth, which resembles a red rose is actually a collection of mollusc eggs.  They are laid in a ribbon and if you look closely you should be able to see the very small individual eggs. As to what species?  The favourite option at the moment is the Spanish Dancer, Hexabranchus sanguineus

At a loss with this image.  Noted all over the shallow subtidal off Sainte Anna resort, Anse Tortues beach.  Looks like a coarse mucus mesh, presumably to trap food, but not evidently associated with any species.  Any comments welcome.